Maya Moghadam

Art is my native tongue. I was born in Iran to an artistic family. My father especially had a profound influence of my development as an artist and human being. He worked in the carpet industry and cofounded a carpet repair firm, in addition to being an art professor. He was a highly esteemed craftsman with a kindness and work ethic respected by all who knew him. This creative atmosphere nurtured a strong aesthetic sense in me and his determination became my own.


Maya Moghadam

At Sooreh University I majored in Arts and Crafts as Interior Design did not exist as field of study at the time. In my professional work, however, I applied my lifetime of artistic development to the Design industry and excelled at it. In 2005, I co-founded an Interior Design firm, which I managed for 12 years. With my firm I was involved in all stages of the design Development and construction documents from initial conception and sketches, to design space and renders, to coordinating contractors and restaged the space. Our work spanned the Commercial, Healthcare, High-end Residential and Hospitality industries in Tehran, Kish Island, and internationally. During this time I also earned an MBA marketing to better learn the business side of Design.

In 2017, I started at Savannah College of Art Design for a Master’s in Interior Design (completed June 2019). My lifetime commitment and passion for design brought me here to the US where I continue to learn and develop, pursuing my calling in a larger and more dynamic market.