Maya Moghadam

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Accomplished and passionate about bringing a unique, vibrant and aesthetic perspective to interior design. Thirteen years of domestic and international experience in interior design for hospitality/high-end residential, commercial, and healthcare markets.

  • Possesses a strong and comprehensive knowledge of the design process, Perform interior design assignments, Amenities design, Conceptual design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Space Planning, Color Palette, Construction documentation, and Design Development.
  • Provides structured and effective leadership to maintain a positive team/client environment while serving as a primary point of interface with clients. Creative, Problem solving, and Self-directed professional with a proven track record of managing successful projects from initial concept through completion. Enjoy working in a team environment and participate in owner meetings.


Core Competencies:

Interior Design, Healthcare, Commercial, Hospitality/High-End Residential, Conceptual and Schematic Designs, Design Space Planning, FF&E selection and specification, Color Pallets, Finishes and Fabrics selections, Lighting, Renovations, Project Management, Vendor Management, Estimating, Budgets, Spec Source, Catalogues, Presentations, Elevations, ADA, Construction Document Review, Design Development, Cross-Functional Collaboration, Consultant, Sustainability, and Graphic Visualization.
Technical Skills:Revit, 3DsMax, AutoCAD, SketchUp, Rhino, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe Suite, Spec Source, MS Office creative Suite, hand sketching, Proficient use of both MAC and PC Windows
Education:MA, Interior Design, The Savannah College Art and Design, Atlanta, GA, GPA 4.0
Exploring how interior design can assist in the development of elective workspaces for patients in
hospital environments.
MBA, Marketing, University of Tehran, Iran.
A Comparative Study of Effective Elements in Interior Design on User Satisfaction (Staffs and Patients) in Healthcare areas.
BFA, Arts and Crafts, Sooreh University, Tehran, Iran.


Hillsman Interior Planning & Design, Atlanta, GA / Interior Designer

  • A lead designer on major commercial projects, such as the renovation of 12 Fulton County libraries (in progress).
  • Has taken projects through all stages of development: site measurements and preparing floorplans, Design Space in Revit, FF&E selection and specification, selection of fabrics and finishes, color palette, creation of renders (3Ds Max) and presentations, client meetings, and vendor management.
  •  The Savannah College Art and Design, Atlanta, GA

Tutor – 3DsMax

  • Tutored students on the fundamentals of 3Ds Max related to interior design environments. Guided students on modeling, texturing, rigging, and rendering their creations.

Library Assistant II

  • Assisted students with research materials, processed new books, shelved reading materials, mailed and handled new book orders for the college.Promoted after 9 months to Library Assistant II.

Kent Interior Design, Atlanta, GA / Interior Designer Intern

  • Developed and implemented 7 hospitality/high-end residential interior design strategies.
  • Selected concept images laid out color charts and selected specified fabrics, furniture, lighting, wall coverings, draperies, carpets, accessories, hardware, and fixtures based on the clients’ space availability, interior design theme and preferences, and budget.

Vista’s Designer, Tehran, Iran
Co-Founder, Interior Designer, Project Manager

  • Founder of a boutique, freelance interior design company. Clients ranged from hospitality, commercial, healthcare and residential. Business grew to a referral basis in less than one year. New and repeat client list averaged 60 plus.
  • Balanced imagination with solid technical skills to lead projects from concept to final design. Gained an understanding of clients’ visions, assessed their needs and created quality custom designed spaces.
  • Proficient in interior design, from concepts and elevations to complete design plans, to installation plans that illustrate the design intent and use of materials.
  • Collaborated with contractors and architects during the design process to select materials, finishes, architectural elements and accessories. Reviewed submittals and shop drawings.
  • Managed the entire design process of projects from initial consultation through plan development and execution.
  • Point of contact with clients. Managed floor-to-ceiling new construction, remodeling and design makeover projects for hospitality/high-end residential, commercial and healthcare.
  • Conducted site visits; verified existing furniture layouts, hardware, provided creative innovative design solutions and educated clients on emerging design trends.
  • Prepared estimates and bids and compiled budgets. Handled complete buyout – sourced vendors, material selections, negotiated pricing, delivery and terms.
  • Executed and rendered graphic presentations and 3-dimensional drawings.
  • Completed accurate specifications for orders, including fabric calculations and application guidelines, needed to complete the approved design.
  • Collaborated with external furniture dealers and fabricators to consistently stay ahead of the curve on the latest innovated design concepts.


  • The Hospitality Industry Network (NEWH) – Student Member
  • International Interior Design Associate (IIDA) – Student Member
  • Georgia Alliance of Interior Design Professional – Volunteer
  • ASID Georgia student – Volunteer
  • Decorated Governor’s Mansion for holidays season (2017, 2018)


  • Selected as an Outstanding Academic Achievement Award – 2019
  • Selected to participate in SCAD’s pro innovation lab for learning and collaboration to serve on a project for GE Transportation (Project Manager/Producer of the Design Space Team) – 2019
  • Selected student to present Interior Design Project at Out to Launch – 2019
  • Academic Honors Grad Scholarship – 2017 to 2019
  • Student Incentive Scholarship – 2017 to 2019
  • Achievement Grand Scholarship – 2017 to 2019
  • Selected artist book to be displayed in ACA Library for 2 consecutive months – 2018


  • Marketing and Sales management conference (Tehran, September 2012)
  • Behavioral skills for executive managers (Tehran, Institute of Technology, August 2006)


Provided project management, interior design services, consulting, strategy, estimating, and installation services for hospitality/high-end residential, commercial and healthcare design. Below is a sampling of domestic and international projects.

Kent Interior Design, Atlanta, GA – Intern Interior Designer
Hospitality/High-End Residential

  • Numerous upscale hospitality/high-end residential projects that entailed supporting the senior interior designer in choosing FF&E, fabrics and leathers, lighting and hardware, wallcovering, drapery, carpets, tiles and accessories. Handled the buyout from ADAC.
  • Created the tags and prepared quantity take-offs for FF&E and hardware; prepared and created the budget.

Freelance Work – Independent Interior Designer
Hospitality/High-End Residential

  • High-end residential property, Duluth, GA. Interior Designer/Consultant/Project Manager, 10,000 SF renovation valued at $60K. Project began in 2017 and is ongoing. Redesigned guest bathroom – custom designed, collaborated with contractor and supervised a professional painter to create a unique antique wall; purchased all the materials and accessories, hardwired lighting, and staged accessories. Redesigned living room (private and guest) including purchasing FF&E, staged with new accessories.
  • Governor’s Mansion – team member that collaborated on decorating the mansion for the holidays.

Commercial Design

  • Taj Restaurant, Atlanta, GA. Interior Designer/Consultant/Project Manager, 3,000 SF valued at $80K renovation. Provided interior and kitchen design for existing restaurant; purchased FF&E, accessories, curtains, and tiles. Project managed project and supervised subcontractors during the renovation

Vista’s Designers – Founder/Consultant/Interior Designer/Project Manager
Hospitality/High-End Residential

  • Lobby of Karaneh High and Residential Complex, Kish Island, Iran. Consultant/Interior Designer/Project Manager valued at $500K. A complex high-end residential project that was totally redesigned and remodeled including interior and FF&E.

Commercial Design

  • Hamta International Group Office, Tehran, Iran. Interior and Exterior Designer/Project Manager valued at $750K, 13,000 SF, five floors, 15 suites. Led the project from concept to final design. Collaborated with contractors and architects during the design process to select materials, finishes, architectural elements and accessories. Reviewed submittals and shop drawings. Interior and exterior design of lobby and entrance; exterior based on concept images
    and budget; FF&E selection and specification.
  • Damir Sanat Co. Automobile Manufacturing Complex, Tehran, Iran. Design Consultant and Strategist, 2,500 SF, valued at $59K. Led the project from concept to final design, created budget and purchased FF&E.
  • Sleep Association, Tehran, Iran. Interior Designer, 1,500 SF, valued at $29K. Designed a custom conference room, purchased FF&E.
  • Atieh Sabz Insurance, Tehran, Iran. Interior Designer, 1,650 SF, valued at $46K. Designed a custom desk and conference room layout; designed a new cafeteria and purchased FF&E.

Vista’s Designers – Consultant/Interior Designer/Project Manager
Healthcare Design

  • Hashemi Nejhad Hospital, Tehran, Iran. Interior Designer/Project Manager valued at $250K. Provided concept and elevations to final design including installation plans that illustrated the design intent and use of materials. Collaborated with contractors and architects during design process to select materials, finishes, architectural elements and accessories.
  • Atieh Hospital and Polyclinic, Tehran, Iran. Interior Designer/Project Manager, valued at $980K. Optimized space to include a custom designed eye glass display cabinet inside the hospital, selected and purchased FF&E. Project managed and supervised contractors. Worked as a team with the CEO and executive manager on the interior design and accessories for the hospital.
  • Arian Clinic, Tehran, Iran. Interior Designer/Project Manager, 9,500 SF, valued at $980K. Renovated the house attached to the clinic into doctor’s offices. Custom designed, to healthcare codes, five floors based on the specific needs of each floor. Designed custom furniture and selected hardwire lighting. Selected different colors and interior elements for each floor based on the office’s functionality. Purchased all interior elements and accessories, staged all five floors. Project managed and collaborated with contractors during the design process to select materials, finishes, architectural elements and accessories. Reviewed submittals and shop drawings. Provided interior and exterior design for the lobby and entrance, including budget.
  • Shahid Moddaress Hospital, Tehran, Iran. Interior Designer/Project Manager valued at $500K. Designed a new corporate logo with specific colors to be used throughout the entire hospital system. Hired to install new signage and incorporated the new colors into the entire paint scheme throughout all buildings associated with the hospital. Designed a custom reception desk, lobby, pharmacy, entrance, manager’s office, and conference room, including interior and exterior designs that allowed patients to feel like they were at home.